Aged eyes

I see in your eyes

Answers of the Universe

Locked into your mind.

The key mislaid long ago

Your struggle continues on.


In Support

I work. Not at a job I love, but at a job that pays the bills so I can occasionally do things I love.

All about me I see inspirational articles about finding your passion, living your passion, and working in your passionate area.


Who are these people? And how can anyone not see that their passion is SELLING you the book on how to chase your supposed passion?

I watch people fall to these scams around me. They purchase said book. They try it for a week or two. Then they fail miserably at it and  beat themselves up over their inability to realize their dreams.

Face it. Life is a plodding course. Drips in a bucket.

Only a few lucky souls get immediate gratification. The rest of us take our pleasure in the small moments of victory throughout our lifetime.

We are not bonfires and fireworks.

We are steady glowing hearths of home fires. Warm and inviting. Longlasting and constant.


I am a middle aged, working class, woman who looks a great deal like those around me. I blend into the background and few people actually notice I am there unless I make a concerted effort.

That is my public face.

Inside, I am awash with opinions, knowledge, experience, and gravitas.

I am snide, compassionate, sarcastic, loving, hopeful, hateful, and wondering.

My goal here is to state it like I find it. Because in my daily life, the mask of mediocrity is strong and to speak out shatters the status quo in the environment around me.

Here, I am me.